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Trade Setup For Friday: NIFTY Still To Stay Vulnerable To Global Trade Setup; This Level Becomes Most Immediate Resistance Point

Following a very weak overnight cues and a prevailing weak trade setup in Asian markets, the Indian Equity markets opened on a gap down note and ended a day with a cut. The NIFTY s aw a gap down opening and formed its intraday low in the first hour of the trade. The NIFTY managed to recover the bulk…

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Thursday Trade Setup: Weekly Options Expiry To Influence The Session; Data Suggests This Zone A Strong Support For NIFTY

In a session which saw a massive risk-on rally, the Indian equities went on to post robust gains and ended at the high point of the day. Following cooling off from the bond yields which saw a sharp spike three days back, the equities again saw some strong moves across the globe. Following a strong A…

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Outlook For Wednesday: NIFTY Has These Hurdles To Navigate; Continue Protecting Profits At Higher Levels

Very much on the anticipated lines, the overnight handover of the trade setup was much more bullish as the Bonds stayed steady and that saw the yields cooling off a bit. Following a strong global trade setup, the Indian equities saw a positive opening. However, the opening was not as strong as expec…

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Monday Trade Setup: NIFTY May See Mild Pullbacks; Holding On To This DMA At Close Important

On Friday, the Indian markets suffered from one of the weakest overnight handovers. The US Bond yields spiked overnight in the US with the US10TY testing the highs of 1.61 momentarily. This led to strengthening of the US Dollar and this caused weak closing of the equities in the US. This subsequentl…

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Week Ahead: Technical Pullbacks Likely But Upsides In NIFTY To Stay Capped; RRG Chart Shows This Sector Ending Its Relative Underperformance

In the previous weekly note, we had expected the markets to show limited upsides and had also expressed some possibilities of the NIFTY slipping into some consolidation. The previous week remained quite volatile and the NIFTY oscillated in a violent and volatile way for the first four days of the we…

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Friday Trade Setup: NIFTY Stares At Some Potential Consolidation; This Point May Resist Any Up Move

Following all the confusion and chaos in the previous session, the Indian equities extended its up move and went on to end the day on a decent gain. Markets saw a modest gap up opening following a stable overnight handover of the global trade setup and steady Asian markets. Following a strong openin…

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Outlook For Wednesday: NIFTY Placed Near Imp Short Term Supports; Need To Stay Above This Point

In an immensely volatile session, the NIFTY oscillated back and forth in a wide 200-point range before it closed the day with modest gains. The markets saw a subdued but positive start to the day only pare the opening gains in the first hour of the morning. The index slipped in the negative zone bri…

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Trade Setup For Tuesday: NIFTY Slips Below This Short-Term MA; Mild Technical Pullback May Not Be Ruled Out

The fear of fresh lockdown amid rising COVID-19 cases across India instilled a sense of fear in the markets. Amid such hurt sentiments, the Indian equities opened lower, drifted further during the day, and ended the day with a deep cut. The overnight global setup was not so weak, and the Asian marke…

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Trade Setup For Monday: NIFTY May See A Mild Technical Pullback; Picking Right Stocks Important Because Of This

The corrective mood of the Indian equities continued to persist as the markets ended in the red for the fourth day in a row while extending its losses. The markets saw a negative opening, but it soon crawled back inside the positive territory. The markets, however, did not say long in the positive z…

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Week Ahead: Staying Above This Level Crucial For NIFTY; RRG Charts And These Factors Offer Interesting Insights

While displaying some signs of imminent consolidation, the Indian equities took some breather in the previous week as it ended with a modest cut. The session remained a bit wider than the week before as the NIFTY oscillated in a 533-point range over the previous week. The past five days also saw the…

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