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Monday Trade Setup: NIFTY Likely To See A Soft Start; This Point Marks An Intermediate Top

After demonstrating a near-vertical rallies over the past couple of days, the Indian equities finally showed some signs of broad consolidation setting into the markets. The Friday’s session saw the markets opening on a modestly positive note. However, the NIFTY soon slipped into the negative territo…

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Week Ahead: NIFTY Stares At Some More Consolidation; RRG Chart Point Towards This Group Likely Ending Its Relative Underperformance

Although the Indian equity markets extended its weekly gains, it showed first signs of impending broad consolidation as it spent much of the last three days correcting from the higher levels. The start to the week was buoyant; however, after marking week’s high at 14653, the NIFTY continued witnessi…

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Friday Trade Setup: Staying Above This Point Crucial For NIFTY; Focus On These Groups Of Stocks

In a session that was typically orchestrated as a one on any weekly options expiry day, the markets traded much on the anticipated lines. However, it also continued to show the inherent strength and strong undercurrents as it played out its usual template of some profit-taking bout and then recovery…

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Thursday Trade Setup: NIFTY Needs To Stay Above This Point; Stays Prone To Bouts Despite Strong Undercurrents

The markets interrupted its unstoppable up move as it witnessed a heavy consolidation on the expected lines. The morning saw a smart and strong opening to the trade; this also saw the NIFTY testing an yet another life-time high point while it marked the high point for the day. However, the morning s…

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Outlook For Wednesday: NIFTY Shows Very Strong Undercurrents; Still Stays Prone To Profit-Taking Bout

After some initial consolidation in the early morning session, the markets continued its unending up moves and went on scale a yet another dizzying height as it ended the day posting decent gains. The NIFTY saw itself opening on a quiet note on the expected lines. The first two hours of the sessions…

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Tuesday Trade Setup: NIFTY Overstretched But Strong; FO Data Tells You To Adopt This Approach

The markets ended yet another session with gains as it continued to post up moves in an unabated manner following strong liquidity inflows. The NIFTY saw a modestly gap up opening; however, the morning session saw some minor intermittent profit taking bouts. The markets, in general, refused to give …

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Monday Trade Setup: NIFTY Set To See A Positive Start To The Day; Avoid Shorts & Follow Upsides Cautiously

In the previous technical note, we had mentioned the levels of 14260 as a crucial level to watch as the NIFTY had consolidated marking high points during its short span on consolidation. The opening of the markets on Friday saw the Index opening just near this level. After a brief consolidation near…

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Week Ahead: Buoyant NIFTY Stays Prone To Profit-Taking Bouts; RRG Chart Highlights Importance Of Staying Selective

In a week that was a bit more volatile than the earlier one, the Indian equities continues with their up move ended once again on lifetime high point. The trading range also wider over the past five sessions as the Index oscillated in the range of 414 points. On the anticipated lines, the markets di…

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Friday Trade Setup: NIFTY Likely To Consolidate In A Defined Range; Fresh Up Moves Only Above This Level

In what can be called an onset of classical consolidation, the NIFTY took some breather again and spent the day in a defined range on the expected lines. The markets opened with a modest gap up and marked the intraday high point in the early minutes of the trade. The NIFTY, after that, spent the day…

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Thursday Trade Setup: NIFTY To Consolidate More; These Levels Would Be Crucial

On the second last day before the expiry of the weekly options, the markets traded absolutely on the anticipated lines. They opened on a quiet note and stayed ranged in the first half the session. The second half of the session saw some sharp profit taking from the higher levels. The NIFTY came off …

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