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Thursday Trade Setup: Weekly Options Expiry To Influence The Trade; NIFTY's Behavior Against These Levels Crucial

The unabated gush of liquidity continued to chase the equities as the Indian indexes closed with gains for the sixth day in a row. The markets opened positive and the NIFTY continued to trade with strong gains for the most part of the session while oscillating in a defined range and maintaining gain…

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Wednesday Trade Setup: Markets Being Chased By Liquidity In A Risk-On Setup; Gets Prone To Profit-Taking

For the fifth day in a row, the Indian equities markets continued to trend higher as liquidity chased the stocks, something that is very typical of a risk-on setup in the financial markets. The markets also shrugged off the event of downgrade by the Moody’s which changed the outlook on India to “neg…

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Outlook For Tuesday: NIFTY Stares At Imminent Consolidation; Risk-Reward Skewed At Higher Levels

A big gush of liquidity continued to chase global equities and the Indian markets were no exception. As a part of risk-on setup that has developed over the past couple of days, the Indian markets opened with a gap up while extending Friday’s gains. The NIFTY opening strong and headed higher as the d…

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Monday Trade Setup: NIFTY Stays Firmly Placed; Guarding Profits Is Extremely Crucial Now

After a negative start to the day, the Indian equity markets continued to post yet another set of gains for the third day in a row while it closed the session with gains. The NIFTY saw a negative opening, but after opening on a negative note, the Index crawled into the green in the first hour of the…

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Week Ahead: NIFTY Moves Towards The Major Resistance Zone; RRG Shows Diminishing Outperformance From These Sectors

The previous week remained much contrary than expected; instead on being still a one with a ranged movement, it stayed a wide ranging one with the Index ending with robust gains. The NIFTY saw a 600-point wide trading range which also remained much broader than expected. The NIFTY pulled back from t…

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Friday Trade Setup: NIFTY Moves Past This Important Level; Consolidation Likely With Positive Bias

The markets had an extension of the pullback on expected lines. The NIFTY saw a better-than-expected opening once again which saw the index opening above the 50-DMA level. Given the expiry of the current derivative series along with the expiry of the weekly options, the session stayed an orchestrate…

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Thursday Trade Setup: NIFTY May Extend Up move Subject To Behavior Against This Price Levels

In an unusually strong session, the markets witnessed a massive surge fueled may strong short-covering and this led the NIFTY to end the day on a robust note. The markets opened on a quiet note, and it spent the first hour of the trade in a very capped range and kept moving above and below the previ…

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Outlook For Wednesday: NIFTY Stays Tentative Resisting At This Point; Lack Of Conviction Dominates The Landscape

On the lines as mentioned in the previous note, the markets continued to display a total lack of conviction at higher levels. At the same time, it also continued to resist to the 50-DMA on a closing basis. The NIFTY saw a reasonably strong opening today as the markets opened after a gap of one day…

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Tuesday Trade Setup: NIFTY Lacks Directional Conviction; Need To Close Above This Level To Move Higher

Friday’s session got a surprise from the RBI Governor as the Central Bank announced a 40 cut in the Repo rate in the morning. The initial trade remained range bound as the markets awaited the RBI press conference, but the rate cut did not enthuse the markets. Immediately following a sharp spike on t…

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Week Ahead: NIFTY May See Ranged Movements; RRG Chart Tells This Sector May Offer Maximum Alpha

Markets ended a week which continued to remain much on the expected lines, except that the volatility was much less than what was expected. Also, the markets continued to display lack of directional bias throughout the week. Despite making a sharply lower top and lower bottom for this week, the trad…

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