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US Dollar Index Breakout on all time frame charts – INR to remain weak in the coming weeks

On Monday, currencies across Emerging Markets saw themselves weakening against the US Dollar. This weakness had Turkish crises to blame as the Turkish Lira has lost nearly quarter (25%) of its value against the US Dollar ever since the spat between Turkey and US broke out. This happened due to the…

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Special Note: Study Of NIFTY Against Sectors &Broader Indices - What Helps NIFTY And What Drags It!

In early 2018, the NIFTY marked its life-time high levels of 11171.55 and since then it has remained under consolidation for the rest of the time of this year. After marking this level, the NIFTY created a lower top for itself in the 10800-10850 zone and continued to resist to the falling trend line…

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Technical Charts Suggest Sharp Up-Move in Crude Prices In Coming Weeks

Professional Technical Analysts often argue that if you know your Charts well, you can see much beyond the price. It is sometimes wonderful to see that even if one is not completely aware of the fundamental inputs; Market Participants know it all and it all gets discounted in the price. In other wor…

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